Public law and Town planning

Our legal services also include the provision of general advice to companies and individuals in the implementation of Administrative law in the extrajudicial field, through the preparation of reports and remarks, as well as in the case of due diligence or in the framework of the development of new projects.

This department also has notable experience in defending our clients in their relations with the public sector both in the management of administrative proceedings and in Court.

In regards to town planning, we provide legal advice on all aspects of urban planning law, in close collaboration with the area of Real estate law. Specialising in:

  • Public contracts and agreements.
  • Public domain: waters, coasts, mines, ports or airports.
  • Advertising.
  • Granting of subsidies and public subsidies.
  • Cadastral proceedings.
  • Urban planning, urban management and urban development agreements.
  • Urban expropriation and licenses, urban and environmental permits.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Urban planning protection and penalty proceedings.
  • Intervention in administrative urban planning proceedings and organisation of legal defence in all instances of contentious-administrative proceedings related to the foregoing matters.