Our Insolvency department aims to provide a solution to all problems related to insolvent companies. We assist with multidisciplinary solutions when providing specialized services relating to Legal, Tax and Administrative law.

We have extensive experience both in credit management for the benefit of creditors of insolvent companies contested as in the presentation of insolvencies on behalf of the debtor. We manage our clients’ credits and carry out all the necessary actions in order to recover the amounts due or minimize damage in cases where recovery is not possible. We provide advice to large financial groups on the management of their assets in a situation of Insolvency including the implementation of mortgage guarantees and other warranties.

In addition to this, we also provide legal advice on states of insolvency of individuals.

In defense of the debtor: We present insolvencies and pre insolvencies managing the judicial process from start to finish including collaboration in the management of the enterprise under insolvency and, in the case of continuity, planning the creditors´ agreement. In the event of liquidation, we collaborate closely to minimize the damage for all parties. We also devote special attention to the qualification piece concerning the possible liability of the businessman in the insolvency.

In defense of the creditor: We carry out a process of continuous monitoring of the insolvency taking all possible actions within the legal framework in order to facilitate the adoption of a convention that causes the least damage possible to the interests of the creditor. When necessary, we pose incidents to compel the enterprise under insolvency to act in accordance with the Law both in terms of credit recognition and credit ratings, as well as in terms of the implementation of the agreement and possible actions of reintegration to the mass.