Portuguese Desk

One of the most positive economic developments of recent times has been the configuration of a growing Iberian market, where relations between Spanish and Portuguese companies have developed exponentially. The Portuguese-speaking clients of Marimón Abogados have a prominent role in this development.

The Portuguese Desk of Marimón Abogados was born as a means to managing better this relation with our Iberian partner, ensuring the provision of an improved service, both to Portuguese companies investing in Spain and in their traditional influence areas, and to Spanish companies developing their business in the neighboring  country and in the Portuguese-speaking world.

Contrary to other approaches of providing legal advice to these clients, which may be based on integration or assimilation, at Marimón Abogados we believe that success in managing this transnational market is based on making the most of the cultural and economic diversity of the Iberian market.

Familiarity with the Portuguese language, which allows clients to use it in their relation with us, as well as extensive knowledge of the main features of Portuguese Law, enables us to foster a close relation with and to supply practical, rapid and direct answers to the needs of Portuguese companies in sectors as diverse as finance, industry, energy and F&B.