Intellectual & Industrial Property

Industrial Property: (Trademarks and Patents)

In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to make a difference between our products and services and the products and services offered by our competitors. With this in mind, we offer our clients comprehensive advice to register and defend their trademarks and other hallmarks.

Our clients are companies from different sectors, from industrial companies to retail companies with millions of consumers, including companies in the industries of luxury, cosmetics, fashion or F&B.

Among our services in the area of Intellectual Property, we should mention:

  • Legal advice for the registration of patents, trademarks and any other Intellectual Property rights.
  • Advice on judicial proceedings of infringement, and cancellation or expiration of trademarks before the Courts.
  • Advice on judicial proceedings relating to patents, utility models and designs.
  • Preparing and negotiating trademark assignments and license agreements.
  • Preparing and negotiating agreements on transactions related to patents and other intangible property.
  • Coordination with custom authorities in relation to goods infringing industrial property rights.

Intellectual Property: (Copyright Law)

Among our services in the area of Copyright, we should mention:

  • Content assignment agreements.
  • Reports and advice to our clients regarding relations with the different Management Organisations.
  • Preparing and negotiating agreements for the commission and creation of works and Intellectual Property rights (with photographers, advertising agencies, audiovisual production companies, among others).
  • Preparing and negotiating agreements related to software creation and licensing.
  • Preparing and negotiating technology and know-how transfer agreements.
  • Preventive advice (drawing up reports) and definition of strategies for the protection of the Intellectual Property rights of our clients.
  • In the case of eventual infringements of any Intellectual Property rights by third parties, negotiation of extrajudicial settlement of conflicts.