Regulatory and environment

In addition to the preparation of reports and advisory opinions on the issues relating to this matter, on the occasion of introducing new housing developments or related legal advice for hotel projects, supermarkets and other commercial and residential projects, this department offers our clients extensive experience in the following areas within the regulatory and environment sector:

  • Claims for financial liability of the Administration.
  • Administrative penalty proceedings.
  • Regulated sectors: transportation, food, stock market, sanitary, private security, among others.
  • Urban and environmental licenses and permits.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Urban planning protection and penalty proceedings.
  • Intervention in administrative urban planning proceedings and organization of legal defense in all instances of contentious-administrative proceedings related to the foregoing matters.

We offer legal advice on all kinds of issues related to the environment, both in obtaining authorizations and environmental permits and compliance with obligations under the sectoral regulations existing in this matter: water, noise, waste management, air pollution, among others. We assume the defense of our clients in all kinds of proceedings: administrative, criminal and civil, for violation of the rules of protection of flora, fauna, natural resources and the environment and heritage.